ISO18000-6C UHF Impinj F43 M4 Dry Inlay/Wet Inlay rfid adhesive sticker

Item No.: F43
Monza M4 features:
· True3D antenna technology—patented, dual-differential antenna ports enable compact Omni-directional tags, improving item-level read reliability
· QT technology—protects business sensitive data while assuring consumers of privacy

EPC Gen 2 UHF Impinj-F43 M4E Dry Inlay/Wet Inlay tag

1. Main Characteristics:

Product: F43
Chip: Monza 4E
Frequen: 860~960MHz
Wet Inlay Dimension: 30x20mm
Reading Distance: 2m

A.  F43 Advantage
1. Smaller form factor
2. Still robust, proven and reliable
3. A worldwide performance tag

B. Dimensions & Spec: 

C.  Size tolerance

The distance from antenna to PET edge ±1.0mm
Width of release paper ±1.0mm
Pitch of Glue transponder, distance of glue transponder, finished product inner diameter ±0.5mm
Size of Glue transponder, Radius of glue transponder, the size of the antenna ±0.2mm

D.  Electrical Characteristics

Item Description Remarks
Manufaturer/chip Impinj/Monza 4  75um thickness
Basic material PET  
Antenna Aluminum etching Al(9μm)+PET(50μm)  
Protocol ISO/IEC 18000-6C
EPC Class1 Gen2
IC Store area EPC Up to 496Bits Read and write
TID 48Bits Read only
Unique TID 48Bits Read only
Passwordarea 32bits access
32bits kill
Read and write
User area    
Frequency 860~960MHz  
Reading distance UP to 2m  IMPINJ R2000 Fixed Reader (1W+30dbm)
UP to 1m IMPINJ Module handsets
Operating Mode Passive  
IC life 100,000 Programming cycles,
50years data retention
ESD Voltage Immunity At most 2000v Human being mode(HBM)

E. Requirement of environment
A operating tempreture/humidity:-40~70ºC/ 20%~90% RH
B Storage tempreture/humidity:-25~50ºC / 20%~90% RH
C Shelf Life:From the date of manufacture, 1 year in vacuumed bag at +23°C±5°C / 50%±10%RH)

ISO18000-6C UHF Impinj F43 M4 Dry Inlay

Art craft
Variable Data processes: 
a: Color Pre-printed
b: Barocde Pre-printed
c: QR Pre-printed
d: RFID programming 
e: Individual package sort by SKU
f: Black position line printing .......

Dry Inlay Uhf Rfid TagPackage & Shipping

All package requirement could be customize by your side, Please share us what's your request? 

Or, Here is some normal package details for your reference: 

1. Sealing style at end of each roll: Sticky tape (no trace) or Binding by paper tie for optional. 
2. Tail: 1m leading silicon paper at the beginning and the end of roll or customize by your side.
3. Connet Joints: Normally for two joints (excluding the joints generated by blank spaces begin and end),
Also you can advice your specified standard? 
4. Package: ESD Package box.
5. Paper Tube: inner diameter of 3 inches

Uhf Rfid Inlay/label

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