Disposable Soft PVC Waterproof RFID NFC Wristband

Item No.: 1008
RFID PVC Wristbands are available in neon colors, solid colors, and also pre-printed with unique designs. If you want to design your own wristbands, we also offer custom RFID PVC Wristbands that can be printed.
Custom Security One Time Use Soft Pvc Vinyl RFID Wristbands Plastic Medical PVC Hospital ID Wristband

Product Features
• Environmentally friendly PVC material, comfortable to wear: RFID disposable PVC wristband electronic label uses environmentally friendly PVC material, comfortable to wear, beautiful appearance, decorative, stylish and generous!
• Labeling personnel positioning TTS technology: The birth of a medical refinement management system is crucial, through the RFID disposable PVC wristband combined with voice synthesis technology (TTS technology) solution, namely RFID wristband label personnel positioning system
• Determining the patient's condition and scanning through the wristband: The RFID disposable PVC wristband chip can first determine the patient's injury. In the case of a large number of injured people at the disaster site, the doctor can determine which patients need it through the wristband scan. The first time the operation is performed, and which patients can be turned to the rear for treatment.
• Unique personal customization: Unique private ordering makes your RFID disposable PVC wristband unique and unique!
• Electronic induction: Sensitive electronic induction, you will have unexpected surprises!
• Adapt to a variety of external environments: good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-shock function, coupled with high temperature performance, can adapt to a variety of harsh external environment.
• Resource conservation: Widely used in anti-counterfeiting, management, logistics, wide use, easy to manage, and save resources.

Technical characteristics
Material: PVC
Specifications: as shown in the figure
Color: blue, red, black, white, yellow, orange, gray, green, pink, etc., can be customized
Disposable wristband, flexible, easy to wear, easy to use, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, and resistant to high temperatures
Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 75 ° C

Can package low frequency chip (125KHz): TK4100, EM4200, T5577, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S, etc.
High-frequency chip (13.56MHz) can be packaged: F08, S50, S70, Ultralight, NTAG203, I-CODE2, TI2048, SRI512, etc.
Packages UHF chips (860MHz-960MHz): UCODE GEN2, ALIEN H3,etc.

Application field
Widely used in airport parcels, postal packet tracking, amusement parks, beaches, patient identification, maternal and child identification, prison management, guardianship management, etc.

Process can be customized
Text, pattern, QR code, serial number, etc., logo color is optional, support monochrome printing and two-color printing.

Waterproof, tear resistant, safe and hygienic, and highly recognizable
Precautions for use: This product has different specifications according to the different materials. The price and delivery date are also different. Please consult in detail. The above information is subject to change without prior notice or modification. Any requirements other than those attached to the special customer are not covered by the scope of this description and are not responsible for products other than those described in this manual.

Different specifications, colors, grades, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements to meet your individual needs.

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