Lunuxry laser engraved Brushed Stainless Steel Business Metal Card

Item No.: 0008
Brushed Stainless card refers to the drawing effect from different angles after printing with a PVC wire drawing material.
1. Make you and your company stand out to your prospects and customers from the start.
2. Will not be easily lost by your prospec
Lunuxry laser engraved Brushed Stainless Steel Business Metal Card

Brushed card refers to the drawing effect from different angles after printing with a PVC brushed material. It can also be used to polish laser or laser gold on the surface of the wire drawing material. When the card is displayed to others, it can also enhance the image of the company, giving people a sense of high-end and gorgeous, distributing customers and highlighting individuality. It is the first choice for making high-end membership cards and VIP cards. It has won the favor of more and more business people. The card is a kind of changing pattern, showing various colors, showing special reflection and illusion in any part of the card, with good visual effect and enhanced trading. The card's anti-counterfeiting function and anti-scan copy function make the trading card's circulation more secure. The utility model comprises a multi-layer structure, wherein the middle layer of the drawing card comprises a core layer, and the upper and lower outer surface layers are all the wire drawing layer in the metal pressure processing, and the metal is forced to pass through the mold under the action of an external force, and the metal cross-sectional area A technical processing method that is compressed and obtains the required cross-sectional shape and size is called a metal wire drawing card.

Imported advanced PVC
Laser brushed card
Laser brushed card
1. Rich texture layer, clear and delicate;
2. The printing is stable and the color difference is very small;
3. Do not leave the floor, do not fold white;
4. The texture is realistic and feels good;
5. Can print some special inks
6. Using special laser film, combined with special printing technology to form a variety of lines, patterns, exquisite and beautiful, high grade
Product Name: Brushed Gold Card, Silver Card
Product material: laser brushed PVC material
Product specifications: standard card size 85.5 × 54mm
Product process
First, after using a special brushed gold and silver paper cover on the ordinary PVC, after the synthesis, and then the silk screen printing, the drawing card can not go to the offset printing, because this material is not so good on the traditional four-color machine, so only the silk screen can be taken. Manual manual printing.
After the silk screen is finished, the cut can be turned. After the silk card is brewed, it looks like a card made of stainless steel from various angles.
Vaguely can take pictures, it looks very noble and fashion also shows the identity of the cardholder's nobility, from Laser brushed card
It has won the favor of more and more business people, and the drawing card is suitable for use in various high-end places.
In the brushed PVC material, silk screen patterns and documents, in order to highlight its high-end effect, can be printed with UV, strong concave and convex, metal card effect, but more affordable than metal cards and environmental protection
Addable process
Signature, embossing, bronzing/silver/laser, UV, barcode, flat code, code, labeling, surface matte, etc...

Choose from dozens of shapes and personalization.
Brushed gold card
Brushed gold card
Can package various types of chips: TK4100, EM4100, 4102, 4069, 4550, S50, S70, T5557, magnetic strip, etc...
It is suitable for high-end membership cards, VIP cards, gold cards, silver cards and can be made into IC cards, ID cards, etc. according to the requirements.

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