Customized Printed IC card for Prepaid Water Meter

Item No.: 00018
Brand: NXP or FUDAN
Type: Contactless
Material: PVC
MIFARE® Range: MIFARE® Classic
Additional Info:
Memory Size: 1 KB
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Standard: ISO 14443A
Size: 85.5*54*0.86mm or customized
Material: PVC, PET, ABS
Working temperature: -20°-50°C (PVC)
Number of erasable: 10W times
Service life: 10 years


  PVC plastic card ( 100% NEW material )


  0.76mm 0.3mm 2mm 0.83mm or customized


 Environmental protection Ink


  CMYK printing/offset printing


  Customized/pantone C


  85.5mm X 54mm X 0.76mm


  No MOQ 

 Supply Ability





  200pcs/Ctn with OPP business card, Packing in the OPP bags, with strong corrugated box outside.

 Production Time

  Payment confirmed 7days.

 Delivery Time

  3-7 days.


  Shenzhen or hongkong

 Payment Method


 Card life


 Artwork Request

 File Format



 CMYK Model



Member card introduction
The membership card management program is a member management system generated to better manage member information. It enables administrators to quickly register new member card numbers, modify and cancel member information, and can query by name, ID number, etc. Member information, and the amount of cardholder spending is accumulated through the membership card.

In the past, most of the membership cards were magnetic stripe cards and bar code cards. Nowadays, with the development of technology and the reduction of production costs, many consumer fields have begun to produce ID cards or IC cards, and ID cards and IC cards that Shenzhen RFIDTTX can provide. The chips are:
1. IC chips are: F08, S50, S70, IISI, 4439, 4442, 4428, 4112, 24C series chips;
2, ID chip: domestic TK4100, IDUA1001, EM4100, low frequency T5577 and other chips.
It is also possible to add some craftsmanship to make a membership card, which makes the card look more beautiful and generous. At present, the production process of Shenzhen Card Cube can be matte, matte, UV card, hot stamping, hot silver, film, color printing, surface gloss, laser code, coding, UV code and other processes.

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