UHF RFID anti metal tag

Item No.: 3002
Chip: ALIEN, Impinj, NXP chip
Work Frequency: 902—928MHZ.
Memory capacity : 96bit
Dimension: 53 x 10 x 2mm
Work mode: Read/Write
Storage time: >10years
Erasable times: >100,000times.
Asset Management.
The downfall of traditional passive UHF tags has been the inability to establish reliable read rates in environments that contain materials like metal and liquid, causing challenges for on metal RFID Tracking.

Manufacturing and industrial environments are full of metal equipment. IT Data centers could use RFID for inventory control of expensive electronic assets. Supply chains that use metal carts, tracking of metal tools, and warehouses with metal racks could all benefit. Even applications that typically use active RFID tags, such as shipping container tracking, could reduce costs by moving to passive RFID tags.

This had lead to the development of on metal RFID tags that are designed to work in metal environments.

These tags are optimised so that the metal interference contributes to the RF field in a constructive way, so performance can be quite good.

The tags can be affixed on the metal surface by riveting, screwing or gluing.

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